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Alvin and the chipmunks sex.

Alvin and the chipmunks sex. His tounge slid out onto her tailhole and began to lick it in a circular motion.

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Before he knew it, he was erect and surrounded by warm wet chipette flesh.

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Then all of a sudden Snoop Dogg came home!

Jeanette wasn't any better. He couldn't help staring at her plump tits and bdsm tumblr gif ass. So frankly, chipmunk-on-chipmunk rape is pretty pleasant at least compared to other possibilities. Something about the book of Exodus and the tale of Moses, religious stuff. Luckily it only lasted three days and they managed to keep it a secret from Mrs. It had been 3 months since he had rescued the Chipettes from Ian and brought them home to live with them, and in all that time Brittany hadn't even once tried to seduce him. He saw her tail lift up and saw the gorgeous tail hole in front of him, teen in short shorts hidden between alvin and the chipmunks sex fuzzy little cheeks. The feral chipmunk girl seemed surprised and delighted as she reached inside and pulled out his black girl sexy tumblr penis. Alright, do you have any left? She twirled her tounge around his dick and prepared for his orgasm.

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Jeanette was getting worried.

Brittany didn't say anything, after all, Alvin normally locks the door when they're alone together, especially when they make out. In the woods, three very satisfied male chipmunks lay in the grass, letting themselves air teen orgy nude. He squeaked when he talked. Brittanys ear-shatterinly loud screams for help went unheard an only 40 year old pussy Ian laugh harder as he continued smackin her an rapin her. Brittany wanted to scream as her hymen was torn to shreds by Alvins dick but was unable to because of the kiss. What would their new desires bring? Alvin got on top of her and lined his dick up with her pussy. Alvin squeezed gently and the female gave a low chitter. Then Alvin started to cum because of Brittany's sexy body. Then the other munks meaning Alavn Simon Brittany naked black women fat Jeanete got so turned on they all decided to join in!!!